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Otis Civilia​n Advis​ory Council

Serving Those Who Serve Us Since 1947

Our History

The Otis Civilian Advisory Council Inc., in Falmouth, Massachusetts was established in 1947.

One of the beliefs about our formation is that the commander of Camp Edwards, from 1947 to 1950, Col. William Tow, was the first person to get the military and the surrounding communities to meet. 

His primary task was to establish a new Air Force base. During 1947-1948, the base changed into Otis Air Force Base. Col. Tow remained on the active council even after retiring.

First Project

The Otis Memorial Park project was our first major project. Established in 1969, it was built to honor 50 fallen military personnel, assigned to Otis/Camp Edwards who perished in three different crashes. An estimated $24,000 was raised for the project.

After the Creation of the Park

Because of the success of the fundraising of the park and the communities enthusiasm and spirit, we were encouraged to continue supporting the base and its troops. 

In the 1970’s, different programs were developed to help military personnel and their families. The projects included a Scholarship program and Military Awards Night, an annual dinner in honor of outstanding members of the military units. These two programs have been continued without fail up until present day.

Since then we have added

Chaplain's Fund

Which Distributes: Food Cards, Gas Cards, and other financial assistance as situations arise.

Children's Fund provides events and other means to make the children feel special and help relieve some of the financial burden.

- Easter Egg hunt

- Halloween Party

- Christmas Party

- Special Programs

- Chaplain's Fund